Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to maintain Laptop's battery - increase battery life and battery performance.


This post deals with some useful steps on how to maintain our Laptop’s battery, so that it may last for longer time. It is not only useful to save your future expenses to buy a new battery after every third month, but also as it saves you from the trouble of losing useful data due to sudden shut down of Laptop.

Now, I am going to share some useful tips that may help you to maintain your Laptop battery in a good condition.

Tip 1: If you have just bought a new battery for your Laptop, charge the battery fully before taking it into use.

Tip 2: Do not bother if your new battery is not giving a good back-up, get it fully charged and discharged a couple of times so that it can give full of it.

Tip 3: Fully charge and fully drain your battery after every couple of months. It may help in maintaining the battery performance.

Tip 4: Re-chargeable batteries often undergoes self-discharging when not kept in use for longer time. Hence, always keep a battery pack in fully charged state for storage.

Tip 5: Avoid using additional software programs available on the Web which promises increasing battery life and performances. Go for using the built-in power management that comes with your Laptop or Operating System ‘s tools.

Tip 6: Keep the LCD brightness of your Laptop adjusted according to your need, I recommend keeping it at medium, which is good for our eyes as well as saves some or more battery power.

Tip 7: If you do not own a brand new “Ultrabook”, then it is highly recommendable to turn off your LCD when not using the Laptop. It helps in saving those limited 2-3 hours to keep your Laptop turned ON for longer time.

Tip 8: Avoid using screen savers etc on your Laptop.

Tip 9: Close the windows of programs that are not in use at the moment.

Tip 10: Avoid installing unnecessary software programs on your Notebook.

Tip 11: Upgrade the  RAM of your Laptop or add a second RAM if have dual RAM slots on your Laptop. This reduces the usage of Hard Disk to an extent.

Tip 12: Remove all the extra/external accessories attached to the Laptop. (For e.g., USB pen drives, Cards, external mini-speakers etc).

Tip 13: Keep your battery away from fire, water, moisture, metals and the reach of children.

Tip 14:

Now, Tip for every Laptop user- "Avoid resting your Laptops on your thighs more than 10 minutes, it may be risky for you, and cause serious burns and problems like infertility in males, due to the extreme heat exhaust from the Laptop".

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